Order of the Ceremony

Wedding Order of the Ceremony and Ceremony Timeline

On the Wedding Day
Wedding Ushers
The wedding ushers are the first to arrive, around 30-45 minutes before the wedding ceremony. They greet the guests and direct them to the appropriate seating and standing arrangements.
The ceremony ushers often doubles up as Groomsmen, up-until the ceremony starts.
Groom, Best Man and Groomsmen
The groom, best man and groomsmen are the next to arrive and usually arrive 30 mins before the ceremony.
Prelude music
Music is played, setting the mood for arriving family and guests.
Wedding and seating arrangements
The bride’s family and friends arrive and traditionally are seated to the left and the grooms’s family and friends, to the right.
Parents and Close Family
Parents and close family of the bride and groom arrive 20 minutes early and take their place.The parents sit in the first row and close family sit behind.
Matron of honor and Bridesmaids
The Mantron of honor and bridesmaids arrives with the bride just before the start of the ceremony and stand at the entrance.

Here comes the Bride

The Bride’s arrival
The Bride and her father, or person walking her, pause for a few moments with the bridal party.
The Processional Music
The ushers inform the celebrant and music attendant the wedding party is ready. The processional music begins and the guests stand.
Junior wedding attendants
The flower girls and page boys or ring bearer enters and walks down the isle, followed by bridesmaids and maid of honour.
The bride and her father or person walking with her
The Bride enters, walking down the isle with her arm resting on her father’s left arm.
The groom and Bridal party.
The groom and bridal party watch as the bride walks down the isle.
Brides father
Before the bride reaches the groom, he walks a few steps forward, the father takes his daughter s hand and places it in the grooms right hand. The bride and groom walk a few steps to their place, next to the best man and maid of honor.
The father takes a seat in the front row next to his wife and his role is completed.
Bride and groom.
The bride hands her bouquet to her maid of honor.

The Wedding Ceremony Begins